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Here are a few questions that we come across.

How much does it cost to install a water feature?

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Water Features vary greatly in price. A fountain can start at as little as $3,500 to install, with waterfalls, and ponds going up from there. Our starting cost for a small fully installed Fountain or Natural Waterfall is about $5,000, whereas the starting cost for a small pond is closer to $7,000. Larger features can run from $10,000–$40,000 depending on size, and swim ponds or recreation ponds can range all the way to $100,000 again dependent on size and features.

For more information about your investment, view
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**Knowing your budget before a site visit will help us create a plan to get you your dream water feature at a price you’re comfortable with.

How much does it cost to run a water feature & and should I keep it running all the time?

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Smaller water features usually cost about $25/month to run if running them 24/7. Larger features can cost from $75-$100/month to run depending on size and features such as lights and additonal pumps, again this assumes you are running it non-stop all month. If your feature seems to be costing you more than this, you may want to contact a professional to make sure it is running properly.

**Based on Snohomish County Electricity Prices

My pond water is green or brown and my pond smells, what should I do?

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Green or brown colored water in your pond means there is an imbalance in your ecosystem. Green water is generally caused by too much algae, and brown by too many tannins. Similarly, ponds that have developed a smell are usually imbalanced as well, there could be an excess of algae, or a lack of circulation, or filtration.

To learn how to keep your water clear and smelling fresh, simply contact us for solutions to balance the specific ecosystem within your feature.

How do I keep my water feature clean? How often should I clean it?

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Features installed by JW Water Features using Aquascape technology should only need an annual spring cleaning. If you are having trouble keeping your JW feature clean and clear throughout the year, we may discuss installing an Automatic Water Dosing system or Ion Gen Algae Eliminating System to keep your ecosystem properly balanced, depending on the weather and other factors in your feature’s environment. If your feature has been installed by another contractor, you will want to check for water clarity, water color, and debris in the system.

If you feel your system is out of balance, you may need to clean it more frequently.

Does my pond need to be refilled? Does my water feature need a water source?

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All JW Water Features’ ponds, waterfalls, and fountains run on a closed system. This means they don’t need a constant water source to run. However, due to evaporation, your feature will need to be topped up occasionally to make sure that it does not run dry, which can be bad for your pump. If you live in a very hot area, or your feature is in direct sun, you may want to consider an auto-fill system, which simply hooks up to your water and adds water for you whenever the system gets too low.

Why has my pond pump stopped working or running?

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If your pump turns on, but no water is flowing through it, there may be an obstruction somewhere in your system. If your pump doesn’t turn on at all it may simply be burned out. If you believe it should not have burned out so quickly you may want to contact a professional to make sure your system is running correctly. If your system is running but you don’t see as much water as there once was, check the reservoir or pond to see if the water level is lower - you may need to add water to the system.

If you have any questions about your system please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email.

Can I Install A Water Feature Myself?

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For simple fountain, pond, or waterfall projects it is definitely possible to install them on your own! If you are interested in going the DIY route we recommend starting with this video by Aquascape. Building a fountain or stream can be a great learning and bonding experience. If you end up deciding the project is a bit more than you bargained for, we always recommend using an Aquascape certified contractor for all water feature projects.

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